Our Safety Policy.

Railnet International will ensure that;

  • Risks and Hazards are minimized to prevent any impact on it’s employees, contractors and other parties.
  • Adequate precautions are taken to prevent ill health, injuries, incidents, damage to it’s employees, contractors and other parties.
  • Providing the necessary SHE training to all our employees, such that they fully understand the requirements of our safety programme.
  • To conduct its business in a manner that addresses the safety of Employees, Contractors, Customers and the Communities where we operate from.
  • The company is committed to continuous efforts to identify and manage safety risks associated with its activities.
  • Encourage, Engage and support employees on total Safety Culture and Care for employees.
  • Maintain infrastructure and Equipment in a good and safe manner.
  • Establish documented safety management systems and conduct operations in a manner aimed at safeguarding people and property.
  • Communicate with employees, contractors, communities and customers with regards to their roles and responsibilities surrounding rail safety.
  • Comply with all applicable Laws, Regulations, Rules and instructions.
  • Respond quickly, effectively, and with care to emergencies, accidents, or incidents in cooperation with government authorities.
  •  Undertake appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress, foster compliance with this policy and continually improve.