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Mr.Misheck Lungu Cabinet secretary of Transport, who signed the agreement on behalf of the government of Zambia in March 2020, said that this project will see the beginning of a new railway infrastructure across the country. The studies are expected to begin within the next six weeks.

The Dakar to Bamako section will consist of upgrading a 1,228km railway to standard gauge between the border with Senegal and Bamako in Mail. This will improve the connectivity between Dakar Port in Senegal and landlocked Mali. By offering multi-modal transport options costs of moving goods will be much cheaper allowing the region to thrive.

Railnet intends to develop a plan to create a total muilt-modal solution to get goods to and from the sea ports to the major inland centers. Upgrading the nearly 5,000km rail system from narrow to standard gauge will allow goods to be transported more efficiently.