Brief info

Eng. Zandberg is our Vice President in charge of Construction Engineering, he is responsible for the development of new technological solutions, designs as well as defining problems, conducting and narrowing research, analyzing and finding criterias and solutions. He has over 46 years railway multi-feasible and heads up experience in constructions, operations and maintenance of railways as well as other large-scale infrastructure projects as follows;

Joined Almobty for doubling line DBL/2 Sept 2019 to date.

Waad Al Shamaal Railway Project under main contract CTW 320 in Saudi Arabia 2015-2019.

Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation of Western Railway Line in Accra, Ghana 2015.

Kumba Mines – Upgrade line to 57 kg in Kathu, South Africa 2015.

Kolomela Mine in Postmasburg, South Africa, Construction of walkways for Shunters 2014.

Refurbish 45 Km Railway line from Kliphoek to Koekenaap in South Africa 2013.

Tonkolili Iron Ore Project in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Upgrade 80 km Line to 60 kg/m 2012-2013.

Metrorail South Africa – replacing 12 000 wooden sleepers with concrete sleepers. 2012.

Rio Tinto Upgrade project in Tete, Mozambique. Built marshalling yard 2009.

Kei Railway Line between Amabele and Umtata. Upgrading of 70 Km line 2008.

GM Motors – Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Construct private siding 2007.

Spoornet Western Cape – Construction of double railway line in Khayelitsha 2007.

Cape Town Municipality – Upgrading of lines in conjunction with Jeffares Green Consultants 2005-2007.

Spoornet – Construction on all metro lines in Western 2000-2005.

Spoornet Western Cape – Super Mobile team upgraded all mainlines 1991-1995.