Brief info

Mr. Frantz is our Vice President Marketing. He has the ability to examine the operating characteristics of any given situation and utilize them for the best marketing techniques to benefit all parties.

Mr. Frantz has obtained an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Technology, Architectural/Civil Drafting from York Technical Institute. Prior to graduating he already started on a career path with an engineering firm in the greater Baltimore area and has continued to utilize his skills for various Mid-Atlantic firms. Mr. Frantz has studied railway track engineering. His rail experience includes previously working for Railmark Holdings as their Marketing Representative for the mid-Atlantic Region.

He is also on the Board of Directors of a railroad historical society with a global membership of over 2500, with assets in excess of One Million Dollars. Mr. Frantz chairs their Strategic Planning Committee and is also involved in the Modeling Committee, Paint Committee and Archives Distribution Committee. He is also currently working on a book covering certain technical aspects of the railroad.