Brief info

Mr. Emmanuel is our Vice President of International Business that has been recognized for showing dedication leadership and excellence in property management. He attained his educational qualifications from Senegal and US that gave him a firm genesis to his multi wealth work experience and also fluency in several languages like French, English, and Wolof. He is the founder of MYC Property Management LLC as well the Chief Executive Officer since 2005 with most of his career devoted in property rental and management plus real Estate investment and for his expertise, he works for several mortgage companies. In addition, he held the position for the North District Manager for Blue Chip in Manalapan New Jersey for a decade as well as being the Co-Chairman for Happy Hands Foundation a non-profit organization in New Jersey. He also has a working relationship with C.D.R.M.M a forensic Laboratory in Senegal West Africa where he is helping to facilitate the establishment of a DNA laboratory in several countries in Africa and also notedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SESI a New Zealand based Solar Energy Company to facilitate projects in the emerging markets in Africa and as well a member of the USAACC (USA-Africa Chamber of Commerce).